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For the financial expert

USD $26.66
per month, billed annually
SAVE 33%

$39.95 billed monthly

Flex your fiscals

  • Automatic bank feeds
  • Priority email support
  • Unlimited connected banks from all countries
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • 60 years' projection
  • Unlimited accounts
  • Unlimited budgets
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For the financial tracker

USD $9.99
per month, billed annually
SAVE 33%

$14.95 billed monthly

Find your foresight

  • Automatic bank feeds
  • Email support
  • 6 connected banks from 1 country
  • 6 dashboards
  • 10 years' projection
  • Unlimited accounts
  • Unlimited budgets
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For the casual budgeter

  • Automatic bank feeds
  • Manual imports
  • 2 dashboards
  • 12 budgets
  • 2 accounts
  • 6 months' projection
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All plans include these industry-leading features

Organize your money in a calendar. See upcoming bills, set budgets, and check your expected balance for any day.

Do you like tables? Your cashflow statement shows you historical and future values in a delicious grid.

Organize your transactions with custom nestable categories, labels, notes and attachments.

Share your journey with a partner, family member or coach by securely inviting them into your PocketSmith account with advisor access.

Create your own custom dashboards to highlight what matters most to you. Whether it's tracking a side hustle, or overseeing family spending, make it your own.

Choose the graphs that best match how you like to view data: Line and area, column and bar, pie, Sankey, and more.

Focus on what's meaningful to you by picking exactly what you want to see in each Dashboard Widget.

See the overall picture with your personal Income and Expense statement.

Find patterns in spending and earnings in your trends graphs.

Keep track of your net worth by seeing all your assets and liabilities in one place.

Monitor your international accounts with live multi-currency conversions.

Make rules and filters (yes, just like email) to smartly categorize your future transactions.

Create saved searches to make showing repeat results a breeze.

Search through your history and find transactions by description, value, date, label and more.

Import any existing data you want to report on with our easy-to-use custom uploader.

Exercise the control you want with flexible budget periods: Day, week, fortnight, month, quarter and more.

Prefer an envelope system which lets you carry over? Activate rollover budgeting.

See what's safe to spend with the Safe Balance feature that helps you account for future expenses and income.

The best tools for the household CFO

PocketSmith has all the features you need to supercharge your financial productivity. Come join an amazing community of people around the world using our tools to budget, plan, grow and flourish!


The security of your data is our top priority

  • Your data is encrypted while in transit and at rest.
  • PocketSmith makes money from your subscription, not your data.
  • No advertisements, ever.
  • We're committed to active development.
  • Two-factor authentication available on all plans.


Get the answers you're looking for

It doesn't matter if you're motivated by your accountant, tax agent, friend, foe or lover. Impress them all by wielding your new-found clarity over your money.

See the insights that matter to you

Focus on what's important to you right now, and put aside overwhelming financial details you don't need. Make customized dashboards and reports for different situations and people.

We work harder so you're smarter

Automatically import and categorize transactions from over 14,000 banks and institutions worldwide. Make rules of your own so PocketSmith does your work for you.

Supercharge your financial productivity

Adapt to lifestyle changes with confidence. Have peace of mind knowing you will always have a copy of all your finances in one place for when you need them.

“PocketSmith allows me to take all the information I have in my head about upcoming big expenditures and pop it into my PocketSmith calendar. I can see the impact ahead of time and adjust accordingly. It relieves all my anxiety about missing payments or not knowing whether I will have enough cash on hand if an emergency comes up. It’s also a big factor in helping me find fraud ASAP.”

Sarah, Chicago, USA

“My favorite features come into play at tax time. I pay for all my tax-deductible professional development/conferences/etc from one account, making it very easy to identify and work out my tax deductions. I can also identify my rental income and expenses from investment properties which makes tax time easier too.”

Nicole, Western Australia

“PocketSmith ticked all the boxes for our needs. It was just perfect, easy, and really intuitive. Out of the box, I was able to connect to my bank feeds, categorize my spending, and set up budgets within an hour or two. Once the basics were done, I was able to really drill down into the detail and get things fine-tuned.”

Daniel Johns, Sydney, Australia

“My wife and I mostly use PocketSmith as an analytics tool to identify spending habits. At the end of each month, we sit down together and review how we have been spending our money over the last 30 days, and make a plan for the next 30 days. I find it very helpful to be able to identify those patterns sooner rather than later, so I can either cut them out or double down on them.”

Connor Finlayson, Ottawa, Canada

“I love that PocketSmith connects directly with our bank and investment accounts so we can see our projected balances. The Dashboard is also a helpful high-level overview of account balances and expenses. I love the snapshot of expenses coming due in the next seven days.”

Amy, Southern California, USA

Story-sarahb Story-nicole Story-daniel Story-connor Story-amy
“PocketSmith is like your own personal finance assistant. 9/10”
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